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A trip to Barcelona? The winners of our contest got the message ¡Si señor (or Señora)!

In the meanwhile our contest has come to an end. Thanks a lot for participating!

We hope you’ll keep enjoying our Liefmans On the Rocks, best served on ice, of course!


The Liefmans team

When were the winners chosen?

  • End of MayWinner photo contest
  • End of JuneWinner Bottle Cap Code
  • End of JulyWinner photo contest
  • Mid of AugustWinner Bottle Cap Code

But how?

Step 1

Your bottle of Liefmans?
It may be your ticket to Barcelona!

Step 2

Pop! Your Liefmans is open.
Discover the code in the cap.

Step 3

Fill in your code right away on the site.
Just answer one extra question for your chance to win!

Step 4

Did you get the right answer?
¡Felicitaciones! Pack your bags, you're off to Barcelona!

Step 2

Grab your smartphone and take a lovely photo of your Liefmans moment.

Step 3

Upload your photo and answer our questions.
We can't wait!

Step 4

Is your photo a winner?
¡Muy bien! You're off to Barcelona!


Code in the bottle cap

Personal data


What is the name of the famous basilica in the heart of Barcelona?


How many participants will there be?

Upload your photo

Choose a file

Personal data

Intussen werd de wedstrijd afgesloten. Heel erg bedankt om deel te nemen!